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11 Inch Rotating Cake Turntable with 2 Icing Spatulas and Icing Smoother

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🛒🔥 Get your Rotating Cake Turntable & Wilton Icing Colors Bundle for only $28.62!🔥🛒 

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Ensure an extra-nice frosting job! 🎂🎂👍

Kootek Basic tools for decorating a cake: turntable, icing smoother, offset spatula and bench scraper. The advantage of having a revolving cake stand is that it gives you easy access to all sides of the cake for frosting. you can be a bit casual with the frosting, or “make-do” by manually rotating a cake stand or serving plate. But if you frost cakes regularly, or make them often for parties/birthdays/occasions where you want to ensure an extra-nice frosting job is done, Kootek cake turntable is great for you.

🍰 A hidden balls bearing turns smoothly for easily creating beautiful borders along the base or design a professional cake.

🍰 Platform rotates in either clockwise and counterclockwise direction, great for left-handed and right-handed decorators.

🍰 2 stainless steel icing spatula is perfect for making layered cakes and spreading on a crumb layer evenly and smooth.

🍰 Decorating comb & icing smoother for creating a perfect designs on the side or top of cakes.

🍰 Measures 11 inch in diameter, 3 inch tall. Made of durable plastic and can be many years used.


✔️ Scraper

To achieve super-smooth edges on both the crumb coat and final layer, hold a scraper in your dominant hand and then use the other hand to grip the turntable so you’ll be able to turn it as close to one complete rotation as you can. (If you’re right-handed, you’ll be rotating it counterclockwise and vice versa.) Begin rotating the cake and then gradually press the scraper up against the side, continuing to rotate at an even pace. Release pressure gradually while continuing to rotate the cake and scrape off the bench scraper. Continue until the desired smoothness is achieved. This step takes practice.

✔️ Ombré cakes

Mix food coloring into each of the bowls. Frost the top of the cake with an offset spatula. Fill a piping bag fitted with a large, round tip with the lightest shade and pipe around the edge of the cake. Once you’ve made a complete rotation, squeeze out all of the remaining frosting from the bag and then fill it with the next shade and pipe directly next to the frosting that you just piped on. Use a scraper to scrape off all of the excess frosting and create smooth edges.

✔️ Soothing Cake Edge

When you are done applying the icing to the sides of the cake, it’s time to smooth it. . Place it against the side of the cake. You want to hold it straight up and down, as straight as possible. Hold your icing smoother in the same place and use your other hand to turn the turntable. Continue to turn the turntable, scraping the icing to make perfect designs on the side or top of cakes.



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11 Inch Rotating Cake Turntable with 2 Icing Spatulas and Icing Smoother

$19.99 $27.99

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